• Covid-19 Pool Procedures - August 2020

    PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND YOUR CLASS IF YOU OR ANYONE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD HAS ANY COVID 19 SYMPTOMS (headache, fever, loss of smell or taste, persistent cough)

    Keeping you safe

    💦  When you arrive at the pool you will be greeted by our Hygiene Officer who will assist you with the new guidelines. 

    💦  BEACH READY. We request that all adults and older children ( potty trained ) arrive at the pool beach ready, in their costumes and with hat and goggles on. Leave  all personal belongings in your car including handbags & mobile phones. 

    💦  ARRIVAL TIMES. Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before the start of your lesson. Allow plenty of time to get to the pool and wait in the car until 5 minutes before your class start time, if early. 

    💦  ARRIVING LATE. Please do not arrive late. If you do arrive late you may not be able to join your class, please speak to the Hygiene Officer. 

    💦  SANITISE HANDS. On arriving at the pool, adults and children, please remember to hand sanitise at the station located outside the front door, before entering and leaving the building.  

    💦  SOCIAL DISTANCING. Maintain social distancing of at least 1-2  metres, both outside and inside the pool building, also in the pool itself. 

    💦  PPE. On entering the building all adults and older children are requested to wear masks on and around the poolside. If entering the water please remove and replace while changing. 

    💦  CHANGING STATIONS. Please use the numbered changing station (1-6) given to you by the Hygiene Officer. Please refrain from shaking out towels or clothes on poolside. 

    💦  TOILETS. After use we request hands are washed or sanitised. Please alert the hygiene officer who will sanitise the toilet after use. 

    💦  SHOWER. Showers will not be available pre or post swim. 

    💦  SPECTATORS. Sadly we can no longer accommodate spectators. Each child is allowed one adult to attend and said adult can sit poolside during the lesson. Ideally with the older children they can be dropped off at the door and collected after their class. 

    💦  LOST PROPERTY. All items of lost property, excluding items of value eg car keys, will be disposed of at the end of each session. PLEASE ensure you take all of your belongings home with you. 

    💦  NUMBERS OF SWIMMERS. Please note that due to the current requirements numbers have been reduced by half. 3 swimmers or parent/child per lesson. 

    💦  MAKING UP MISSED CLASSES. Please be aware that if you miss a class we will attempt to offer a makeup lesson, however due to our limited numbers and availability this is not guaranteed and indeed may not be possible with your schedule. As per our regular T’s & C’s we do not provide refunds or credits for missed classes. 


  • Covid-19 Video Guidelines

    Please watch to see what to expect when you arrive at the pool

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