• Fish 2 Water

    Fish 2 Water - Sussex Open Water Swimming and Coaching is run by Dee Harmer.

    Dee coaches all ages in both open water and the pool. She empowers others to explore and respect our waters through knowledge, skill acquisition and joy so that they can achieve their goals, stay safe and enjoy their time on our blue planet.

    Dee has created open water swimming programs for children, novice swimmers and athletes. Fish 2 Water runs all year round but for most it is limited to late spring, summer and autumn. Sessions run from the Wish Tower beaches in Eastbourne and Dee is supported and mentored by Kerri-Anne Payne, a two-time 10k open water world champion and an Olympic silver medallist. Kerri-Anne says, “Fish 2 Water has been at the forefront of junior open water swimming and it is fantastic that more children are experiencing the benefits of swimming outdoors”.

    To find out more please visit www.f2w.co.uk

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