• Small Splashes Guidelines

    Whilst its true to say that chlorinated pools kill COVID and that baby swimming classes are considered very low risk, we recognise the need to keep you and your family safe during this period.

    As such we will be adopting the following temporary measures which must be followed by all parents/carers whilst attending our classes.

    1. ​Class numbers. We have REDUCED all of our classes capacity and reduced class time to 20 minutes. 

    2. Spectators. Until further notice we respectfully ask that you do not bring along spectators to our classes.

    3. Hand washing. Please use the hand sanitising stations before entering the building. 

    4. Medically fit and well. We ask everyone to view the Covid 19 Health questionnaire and only attend classes if well and healthy. See attachment. All adults and older children to wear masks in and around the pool. Not in the water. 

    5. Arrival time. Ideally we ask that you arrive with your swimming costume on under your clothes and that you arrive no sooner than 5 minutes before your class start time. 

    6. Late Arrivals. Please DO NOT arrive late. Classes will run on a strict schedule and if you do arrive late you may be asked to wait until the following class, regardless of level, or indeed you may not be able to attend your class at all should this class be full.

    7. Changing Time. When your class has finished we respectfully ask that you change and exit the building within 5-7 minutes. This ensures the changing rooms are free for corresponding classes.

    8. Changing Facilities. We will provide changing tables and chairs to sit on if watching your child swimming. Our Hygiene Officer will disinfect all used buckets, tables and chairs after use. The toilet can be used. 

    ​These, alongside other procedures have been adopted for the safety of all participants involved. These may be changed, improved upon or even reduced in time should additional guidelines provided by the STA (Swim Teachers Association), Swim England and PWTAG (Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group) updates their advice.

    Covid-19 Guidelines


    Small Splashes Terms & Conditions

    Please read these terms & conditions carefully:

    1. Enrolment forms and full class fees must be returned in advance of your course.  Fees are due once a place has been offered to you.
    2. Missed lessons can not be refunded in any circumstances unless cancelled by Small Splashes.  Missed lessons or missed courses can not be transferred to subsequent courses.
    3. Cancellation of whole courses will only be accepted in writing more than 10 days in advance of your course start date.  A £10.00 administration charge will be applied to your refund.
    4. Small Splashes reserves the right to cancel a lesson without notice.  Credits will be given for missed lessons only.  Small Splashes is not responsible for travel expenses incurred.
    5. One adult must enter the water with each baby.  That adult is exclusively responsible for the safety of the baby both in the pool and the surrounding areas.  Siblings must be accompanied by a second adult.
    6. Babies must wear TWO aqua nappies, both a disposable swim nappy and a Happy Nappy, available from splashabout.com.  Regular swimming costumes are not recommended.  Babies not suitably attired will not be allowed in the pool.
    7. Adults must listen to the teacher at all times and only swim their baby when instructed to do so.
    8.  NO FOOD is to be taken into the pool building, including snacks for babies.  However, we actively encourage you to bring a drink for your child.
    9. Valuables are left at the owner's risk.  No jewellery, except wedding rings, is to be worn in the pool.
    10. Photography and video recordings are only permitted with the express permission of your teacher and the rest of your class.
    11. Unwell babies must not swim.  Sickness and diahorrea must have cleared for at least 48 hours before resuming swimming.
    12. Shoes must be removed or overshoes put on before entering any pool/changing area.



  • Please follow the following pool rules:

    1. Please remove all outdoor footwear when entering the pool, or place the provided footwear covers over outdoor shoes.

    2. Please do not consume or bring any food on the premises.

    3. Parents you are responsible for your child's safety when on poolside on poolside.

    4. Photography and filming of any kind is prohibited.

    5. ALL children, 18 months plus, are to wear swimming hats for their lessons.

    6. Please take ALL rubbish away with you.

    7. Please place babies in double nappies.

    8. You are responsible for your child’s safety whilst outside the pool.

    9. HAVE FUN!!!

    Thank you for your cooperation



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